The kiss

His eyes rested on her. A look so gentle. So deep. Merged with her. Opened a world within. Filled with energy. He felt her hands. Skinny and warm on his face. He held her thightly. Not knowing for how long this moment will last. All what he had ever wanted layed in between his arms. Surrounded by the sound of silence. And possible to break. He smelled the taste of bittersweet harmony. Swallowed it away. Knowing that she had him on her very first sight. He was hers willing to go far.

I feel for you, he heard her say. Tenderly. And there was nothing else to do but hold her even closer. Her lips – soft, like a flap of a butterfly. Wild, like a promise – touched his. He replied. Feeling her heart beating against his chest he closed his eyes.

Her inner being was all around. Her body enclosed. A sensual dream had come true. Every me and every you. A line of a melody flashed through his head. The outer world was sinking in diffuse while he still could hear the song. He stood charmed. And ready to keep for eternity he engraved that kiss in his mind.

(Inspired by the artwork of Shiranou and a song of Placebo. Pics made at a concert of RyX)

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